When the sun rises welcome the day with a smile on Fort Lauderdale property. At Nanou French Bakery and Cafe the decadent aroma of croissants baking and coffee brewing invites folks in. An appetizing menu boasts both sweet and savory items delighting tastebuds of all kinds.

Known as the most important meal of the day breakfast is honored here. Served all day long in the little cafe, egg dishes are more than tempting. Traditional omelettes are customized with ingredients pleasing the customer. Throw a croissant into the mix adding a bit of a French twist and enjoy a “cromelette”. Ooh La La! Savor the flavor and the ambiance of the Paris breakfast with coffee, orange juice, preserves and a baguette spread with butter. Crepes with jam and sugar make life oh so sweet.

Friends Living in Fort Lauderdale Gather for Lunch

Locals living in Fort Lauderdale meet up for a light and tasteful lunch or early dinner. Quiches are authentic and available in ham and swiss or spinach and feta. Over a dozen sandwich choices fill the menu. Le Provencal, a baguette stuffed with pesto, lettuce, Bayonne ham, feta and sun-dried tomatoes is worthy of a boast or two. Vegetarians options are plentiful as well. Regulars rave about Le Normand combining brie cheese, lettuce, olive oil and grapes.

An authentic French bakery and cafe, entering into this Fort Lauderdale property is a bit like stepping into a shop in France. The bakery shelves are stocked high with fresh breads, flaky croissants and tempting pastries. Hot from the oven rolls and loaves are great for bringing home for sandwiches. Apple turnovers, cinnamon rolls, tarts and eclairs tempt those catering to a sweet tooth. And of course the Napoleons and macaroons speak for themselves. Nanou is open seven days a week greeting the day at 7 a.m. and closing the doors at 6 p.m. Those short on time can call ahead at 954.470.2191 and have their order ready and waiting.